Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"No we’re fine."

So I was in Colorado. I was there with some people, who I was with I don’t remember, not really important. I believe I was out near Keystone. There was a reservoir, that was very deep, several Orca could be seen breaching the surface. I could see the other side of the reservoir, there was a white fence there.

I made a right turn on the road in front of the reservoir to go up the hill and around. There was snow on the ground. On the hill were two people digging themselves to the top of the hill. Almost in a tunneling fashion.

My car began to get stuck in the snow. I asked the two people is they needed help, they told me, "no we’re fine."

I put my car in reverse and backed up down the hill.

The snow was getting heavier, making everything hard to move. The Orcas were starting to get restless. I think they can smell my fear. I could see their teeth sometimes when they breeched the water. Their teeth had a bloody shine with meat stuck in them.

I looked in my car and found a small red snowboard.

I needed to get to the airport. I needed to go home.

As I ran towards the reservoir, I tried not to think how deep the water was. I did not want to die here.

Grabbing the snowboard like I knew what I was doing, I skimmed across the water to the other side made it to the fence. My car was on the other side now. It was still snowing. I could hear the whales making scary Orca noises. There were some bones near the white fence.

I started to walk to the Airport.

I fly home.

I needed to get my car. I was wondering if it was worth it, to go back and get it. Not so much the expense, but the whales. I was afraid of the Orca. I began to panic. I had no car, and I couldn’t get any of the stuff in my car. These whales are trying to kill me. They know I want to get it, they know I want to come back, they want to get me. I go into a full till panic. I wake up.

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