Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poker Night at the Inventory: 5 dollars of fun

Well, at least I think it is fun to see Strong Bad, Max, Tycho, and The Heavy all sitting around playing cards. Dig my review on Unwinnable. News flash, I liked it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Call of Duty: Undercover of the Night

By adding a sense of realism to the the story, Call of Duty: Black Ops is a strong release for the Call of Duty franchise. Check out my review on Unwinnable.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I remember Halloween

What did you do this Halloween season?

I went to a party at Hambone's house. That is always fun. I took a crappy picture of Shawn Orr in his awesome Costume of James Earl Cash from Rockstar Games Manhunt game.

Of course Shawn brought a real machete, and his attention to detail was pretty bad ass.

Tara and I dressed as the Bundy's, as in Al and Peg. It was easy and I have dressed up a lot over the years.

Saturday night we took off for Jersey City to the Harsimus Cemetery for some more Halloween fun. Turns out no one is getting buried at this cemetery anymore and the current residents there enjoy some Halloween entertainment.

The Lucinda crepe truck was brought in to make delicious crepes of which I know all to well from lunch time in the Exchange place area.

They served beer and other cocktails. I personally have never bought food and or drink in a cemetery before, it was quite the experience.

My friend Micki and his crew dressed as characters from the movie Blue Velvet. Here is Micki as Dean Stockwell's character Ben.

They also had some cover bands play.
Nothing says Halloween like R.E.M. and Neutral Milk Hotel cover bands, right?

I did get some footage of the Desendents cover band doing some pretty good covers of Hope, Sour Grapes, and Bikeage.

You would think that alone might have been enough fun and excitement for Halloween? Not really. The Tard train was boarded this time headed for Chiller Theater in Parsippany, NJ. No Halloween is complete without someone asking you, "Are you going to Chiller?"

Honestly the Chiller after party is where it is at, good times had by many. Look how much fun BTD, Ian, Matt, and Jumpkick are having.

Here is an awesome picture of me and John Wayne Gacey aka Pogo the Clown. This guy was spectacular, if I could I would hire him for my next birthday party.

Here is me and Pete Lang with Gorilla Darth Vader.

Of course there is always some good nightmare fuel at Chiller. I look surprised in this picture.

The best Vulcan Science officer, note the backwards ears.

Nothing says awesome like Lita Ford doing Kiss Me Deadly on a Saturday night.

All in all a great Halloween.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Magnificent 7 Lego: Great movie told through plastic

While clicking around looking up scenes from the Magnificent 7 on YouTube. I stumbled upon this, a recreation of the Magnificent 7 done in Lego.

"Most folk are Lego around here, the dead guy was Playmobil."

Paranormal Activity 2: A Bad Movie

Well not to give it away, but I certainly didn't love Paranormal Activity 2. However I made the best of but writing a review of it and gave it to fellow Unwinnable contributor Michael Sheridan to post on his movie website Tail Slate.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mochimochi Land: The Killing Fields of cute

Warning some images are so cute your brain might explode into candy.

So a few days before I got married I went to the opening for the Mochimochi Land exhibit in NYC. Mochimochi Land is made entirely of yarn, no electronics or gadgetry, just the brightly colored soft cord that wraps itself around your heart. All created by a single pair of hands whom govern this land, Anna Hrachovec of Brooklyn.

Here we see the Mochimochi Land worm rolling though all things adorable.

Do you knit? If you don't, I think you should learn how and make these things for me. Here we have a family of cute yarn creatures having a picnic on top of the Mochimochi Land mountains.

These purple fellas live in a swamp and eat unicorns, because they taste like candy. Notice the little tuft of tail sticking out of the guy on the right.

I am not knitter or one who knits, but I know there is some serious skill involved in the creation of these creatures. They are impossibly small. One might think only the hands of children could make these, but no, anyone can make them. Anna Hrachovec has unleashed her cute virus onto the world though her first book, Knitting Mochimochi: 20 Super-Cute Strange Designs for Knitted Amigurumi. Available on the Mochimochi Land website and on Amazon.

Anna will show you patterns on how to create your own adorable army of yarn.

Be sure to check out her site: Mochimochi Land

Her book makes a great Christmas present! Get it here on Amazon.

I would like to thank Stu Horvath for suggesting we get some culture and taking me to this event. Incidentally, Stu has his mother working like a Vietnamese Nike employee churning these little monsters out.