Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Holy Shit Batman!

With all the finesse of drawing a giant dick on the cover of the Little Mermaid VHS cassette, someone at DC let a whole bunch of All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder issue #10 comics get released with some bad words in them.

Never forget issue #2 of all Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.

By the way, in my opinion nothing like this happens by accident, it happened to happen and to sell books. Here are the panels and the omitted text is below. Nothing like this happens by accident.

Hey-- you little CUNT--

FUCK me that little CUNT stole my board!

FUCK you twice, DICKWAD, you let a FUCKing little piece of jailbait

ASS steal your wheels...

...little jailbait CUNT's making us look bad... we cut her come on...

...sweet piece in sweet slices... tasty sliced booty the little CUNT...

And these ASSHOLES make a devil's fortune of it

Text every friend you've got, SHITheads--

Sell your poison somewhere else. This arcade belongs to the

FUCKing Batgirl.

Be sure to check out the link to the original story.

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