Friday, February 19, 2010

The white fence and the whale.

The water was very cold, the road with the white fence matched the shoreline of the lake. The lake was large, dark and deep. There was some old snow on the ground.

A ship is there, capsized half sunk in the water. There is a way into and out of the ship, but only underneath. Like an overturned canoe.

I know the person trapped in the airspace beneath the water and the hull.

I was driving in a car, with someone. We discussed the half sunk ship.
Then an Orca breached the surface and showed me his eye. The whale looked at me.

The whale dipped beneath the surface and slammed hard into the half sunk ship. It made a loud noise. The ship started to sink. I began to panic. I knew my friend was dead. I woke up.

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