Monday, April 26, 2010

Montclair Station stops serving coffee

Sometimes things matter. People putting in a little bit of effort to do something good and that good gets appreciated. Something that might help the community. Something that sends a positive message that can be related to many people. Something like selling coffee on the train platform.

I can't tell you how excited I was when the restaurant located at the train station decided that they would sell coffee. I would much rather go to them than to the Dunkin Donuts or the Starbucks in the morning. The convenience of it, I get to help out a local business; it's good for me, it's good for them. Heck when I went to the restaurant during regular hours the man who sold me coffee recognized me and pulled out my chair for me when I came to show my support of the establishment.

This is how my customer support is appreciated.

They might want to try and let those customers that did support them down a little less hard on a rainy Monday morning when there were plenty of people wanting a delicious hot beverage. Perhaps slightly less passive aggressive too.


Anonymous said...

You're right that is a pretty passive-aggressive note posted in the window.

But what about the restrooms? Even if the restaurant isn't open for business in the mornings, shouldn't the restrooms be available to commuters? After all, isn't the building owned by NJTransit and leased (via Mtc Twnshp as a middleman) to the restaurant operator?

Anonymous said...

The owner is a real knucklehead. The station was very uninviting and you would think they would have tried to build the business by being open. In my mind all Montclair did was take away from the value of the property tax paying renters who have to compete with this establishment without any gaurantee of services to the residents. If Montclair gets to auction a new liquor license after the census is complete we will also lose revenue due to this special train station exemption.

Shirley said...

I commuted from the Upper Montclair train station for 30 years and it was always a pleasant experience until the fire and now the new owner. From what I remember, the train station was suppose to open in the early morning hours to accommdate the early commuters (an agreement with NJTROI). Previously owners had also thought they would provide a good breakfast for the crowd but commuters just want a quick cup of coffee and hit the train so it never happened and they just gave it up and served coffee, tea, bagles and donuts. As far as I can remember, the owners and their staff were always friendly and accommodating. They may not get my morning business but my husband and I stopped there for dinner before we drive home. I even stopped to used their rest room from time to time and there's never any problem then. I suggest commuter contact the town and NJTROI to complaint!!!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem like they really know what they are doing there? I don't expect that place to be very successful if they change things after 2 weeks of business, what will they do next?