Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I remember Halloween

What did you do this Halloween season?

I went to a party at Hambone's house. That is always fun. I took a crappy picture of Shawn Orr in his awesome Costume of James Earl Cash from Rockstar Games Manhunt game.

Of course Shawn brought a real machete, and his attention to detail was pretty bad ass.

Tara and I dressed as the Bundy's, as in Al and Peg. It was easy and I have dressed up a lot over the years.

Saturday night we took off for Jersey City to the Harsimus Cemetery for some more Halloween fun. Turns out no one is getting buried at this cemetery anymore and the current residents there enjoy some Halloween entertainment.

The Lucinda crepe truck was brought in to make delicious crepes of which I know all to well from lunch time in the Exchange place area.

They served beer and other cocktails. I personally have never bought food and or drink in a cemetery before, it was quite the experience.

My friend Micki and his crew dressed as characters from the movie Blue Velvet. Here is Micki as Dean Stockwell's character Ben.

They also had some cover bands play.
Nothing says Halloween like R.E.M. and Neutral Milk Hotel cover bands, right?

I did get some footage of the Desendents cover band doing some pretty good covers of Hope, Sour Grapes, and Bikeage.

You would think that alone might have been enough fun and excitement for Halloween? Not really. The Tard train was boarded this time headed for Chiller Theater in Parsippany, NJ. No Halloween is complete without someone asking you, "Are you going to Chiller?"

Honestly the Chiller after party is where it is at, good times had by many. Look how much fun BTD, Ian, Matt, and Jumpkick are having.

Here is an awesome picture of me and John Wayne Gacey aka Pogo the Clown. This guy was spectacular, if I could I would hire him for my next birthday party.

Here is me and Pete Lang with Gorilla Darth Vader.

Of course there is always some good nightmare fuel at Chiller. I look surprised in this picture.

The best Vulcan Science officer, note the backwards ears.

Nothing says awesome like Lita Ford doing Kiss Me Deadly on a Saturday night.

All in all a great Halloween.

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