Saturday, April 2, 2011

Joe had a bachelor party

If you know anything about Joe you will know he likes the same things he did as a kid except those things are now just larger and louder than they once were.

It is true, we went to Pennsylvania we shot guns, we gambled money, and we rode around in very powerful all terrain vehicles.

Oh and I built that fire.

I rode out the Pennsylvania house, or as how it is usually refereed the Beaver Farm.

"What did you do for Joe's bachelor party?"

"Oh you know we went to the Beaver Farm."


Joe and his brother Rob all rode together and it was almost surreal. I had been up to Beaver Farm many times as a kid, and even as an adult. But the last time Joe, Rob and myself where in a car going to the Beaver Farm? I would say that hasn't happen since maybe 8th grade. We chatted we reminisced, it was fun.

We played this song a lot on the ride.

We had fun! Our first stop was to a gun range in Pennsylvainna where you could shoot all kinds of interesting guns.

Here we see Joe with an M-1 Garand. I am pretty sure Joe is ignoring the man talking next to him.

Here is a picture of me with an M-16 with grenade launcher attachment. You could destroy a small town with that gun.

Here is a picture of me looking cool.

Even Hitler showed up!

After we did some shooting we went to Mount Airy Lodge, which now has a casino. Somehow I ended up in handcuffs by some girl dressed up like a cop. She wore high heels and I think her name was Vixen.

After our love of everything at "beautiful Mount Airy Lodge," we headed for our final destination, the Beaver Farm.

So you understand this is the everything store that is "down the road" from the house. This store has everything, or at least everything you are going to get in the middle of Pennsylvania.

This road goes two way, this way and that way.

This is the Polaris getting started for the first time that weekend.

This is me sitting in the Polaris in front of the house.

Frank sitting in the Polaris in front of the house.

This is the guys that went.

l-r Rob, Frank, Joe, Mike, Felix, and Chuck

Here are Rob, Joe and myself in the Polaris riding around the property.

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