Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If Steam comes to Linux?

If Steam comes to Linux could it signal beginning of the, end for Windows as the gaming computer system?

We are in a time where people own more than one computer. People have net books, and use them for sitting on the couch, and bringing along with them instead of a book. They are bought preloaded with everything you could need from the store for about 300 dollars.

If you are a PC gamer you are buying a system, you are buying hardware, and it is generally expensive. Also it might not be your main computer, it might be in a game computer. Like Marty McFly said, "yeah we actually have two TVs." and they called Marty a liar, but it is true.

Logic dictates, if the OS is free, and the gamer can play the video games they want without the need of a product key from Microsoft by using Ubuntu why would you use Windows? It is a stretch but could happen.

Many years ago there were just as many home computer hardware companies as there were game console manufactures. Texas Instruments, Apple, Commodore, and IBM, were all in competition in making a place in the home PC market. Game publishers would release versions of games for each of these systems, some classic games like, Lode Runner, Oregon Trail, and Ultima. Some games were also released through Atarisoft, "your computer plays the arcade hits." I warn you once you hear this song you can never, "unhear" this song. These were the wild west days of the gaming industry. Maybe Steam can spearhead a revolution, and it will be in the form of a content delivery system.

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