Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adult Star Marilyn Chambers found dead.

Marilyn Chambers dies at age 56. She was found shortly before her 57th birthday by her 17 year old daughter. How terrible. There are no details to the cause of death.

Having started in “Behind the Greed Door,” which is usually said in the same breath as, “Deep Throat,” and “The Devil in Miss Jones,” Marilyn established herself as an icon of the first wave of modern pornography.

These early films were the first XXX movies on laser disc and betamax cassette, for much of suburban America this was their first exposure to pornography. In a time before the internet, and porn valley mass production, it was edgy and risqué to have an adult movies in your collection. Over the years these tapes and laser discs ended up in unmarked cardboard boxes in basements with their over sized cracked plastic cases showed wear and tear, however the ideas are still remain the same.

What does this mean to the average twitchy porn aficionado? Not much, considering we are in a time in a time where a girl might be in 150 productions in one year, Marilyn Chambers made her mark in one or two “high profile,” films and that established her as a star. She could probably be considered the first crossover star having been in a David Cronenberg zombie movie called Rabid, which I have never seen, but will probably netfilx this week.

Link to New York Times obituary.

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