Thursday, April 30, 2009

James Gunn hates you!

James Gunn loves you, but he is mad at Xbox Live. Accroding to reports on his blog, James had filmed original content for an Xbox Live series called Horror Meets Comedy. The name of the piece was called Humanzee. The rules form Xboxlive for the directors were to keep it PG-13 with no sex.

"Microsoft/XBox was by far the most dreadful, non-talent friendly company I’ve ever worked for"

Sadly it is unknown at this time if the Humanzee will see the light of day, considering they did not approve of the content. We need not remind everyone that video games and systems are not only purchased and used by children, but by adults too.

Be sure to check out James' newest PG PORN title, High Poon, starring the amazing Belladonna.

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