Monday, May 10, 2010

Learning lessons from idiots

I feel as though when video games do not have some sort of auto save, it is done to be spiteful. I do not need to learn lessons from a video game. Lessons can be learned from the subject matter, I don't want to learn any lessons from some game designer claiming his reasons for not including it are it shows some other failure of modern society, "because when we wanted a game saved we had to stop and make a conscious decision."

You know what? Fuck you, and your lesson plan. I don't need to be bullied around by some ass wipe with the best intentions for the final product in mind.

MY intentions! Mine! I am the final user! Not you, your commitment to pure is just unnecessary. You can not bring in so much new and so much that the consumer is just over loaded with everything being wonderful and perfect.

These excuses would never have been tolerated with innovation before.

We are not playing fuckin Rygar here. Enough of your snobbery to the genre. As a collective group we are the ones that brought you here, and be careful because these are the things that will take you off your pedestal. All of this has happened before and will happen again. Because you think no one is able to see the difference, I will tell you you underestimate people. You have no idea what we as consumers are capable of. You are the one I pity in the next life.

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