Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Girl in the House

Chung Li, not a dainty girl. Ok she has legs like a piano. Here is a new Street Fighter VI poster, showing off Chung Li's crushing thighs.

We also how the official movie poster of the the new movie Street Fighter: The Legend of Chung Li. Big blue mama will be played by the Canadian born half Chinese, half something white Kristin Kreuk. She is hot, and I think is wearing blue contacts.

Also in the printed media this month is Olivia Munn from that show on that channel that used have other shows besides crap almost all the time. She too is half AZN and half something else to make a hot hybrid. This is her from a recent photoshoot from Complex magazine.

Street Fighter VI is coming to consoles soon and is in high end arcades now. New Street Fighter movie will be out some time next year. Complex is on newsstands now!

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