Friday, October 17, 2008

Holy Crap! So Many Games! So Little Time!

This fall has been an explosion of games.

Six of the shortest no bullshit reviews ever..

Mercenaries 2. Part of me wants to love this game, most of me hates this game. A blowemup with not enough polish to make this game worth while. Uninspired maps, and terrain. Not at all worth the 60 dollar price tag, if you bought this new you don't know how to buy games. Used only, and only if you are desperate for something.

Star Wars Force Unleashed. I liked this game, it was fun and easy if you played it on easy. This game was meant for everyone. It was a casual action game, for the casual gamer, casually.
If you are not going to buy it now for price, definitely get once the at 60 dollars it is a bit steep, borrow this game, or buy used, you won't feel cheated if you pay full price.

Lego Batman. The best game of the recent Lego games. It is better than Star Wars simply because it is more realized in the puzzle solving and the it actually has some challenging elements which add to what was becoming stale game play. Really Indiana Jones was super cute, but got a little boring after awhile. With Lego Batman feel confident at a full price purchase.

Silent Hill 5. It finally got the bad taste of Silent Hill 3 out of my mouth. A good compliment to the series, and what should have been the sequel to the flawless Silent Hill 2. It is a horror game, so get it during the Halloween it is going to cost you. I think 60 bucks is a bit of a stretch for this game, but I certainly think it is worth he first used price you find for it.

Saints Row 2. A fun blowemup game. Yes there is some kind of comparison to GTA, but this game does not take it self nearly as seriously as Rockstars Flagship franchise. Cartoon levels of violence and character customization makes this game very entertaining. With cheat codes that can make you 20 feet tall, it is bound to be fun. Oh and it has a chain gun, demo packs and airplanes, three things that do not appear in GTA 4. If you have finished GTA 4 and really like sandbox games with the driving and the killing, be sure to check this out. New or used you should be satisfied.

Fallout 3. This was something I thought was never going to happen. Fallout 3. Fallout 3 is awesome. The combat system is something that will change the FPS RPG, forever. There is nothing like it on the market today. A great story and interface makes for a truly immersible gaming experience.

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