Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What do you know about the Wastlend?

Well a long time ago when disks were actually floppy, there was a game called Wasteland. This game started it all.

Wasteland was a post apocalyptic adventure set in the deserts of Las Vegas. It was awesome, it had really bad graphics and a a really awesome story.

EA knew how to make a game back then. I mean they do now, but more in that zombie cancerous borg kind of way of just absorbing things that are of your interest. But whatever we all have an EA games somewhere in our collection.

After the awesomeness of Wasteland came a "sequel" of sorts. This game was called Fountain of Dreams. This game took place in the sticky heat of Florida. Mutation and crocodiles, good times.

Two dimensions, little icons, dark humor, and explosively graphic dialogue were how these games were played. All of this was carried over to the Fallout series, which is for argument sake the sequels to these games. So get ready to play Fallout 3, but first learn about Fallout 1 and 2.

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