Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Danger Dudes take on Matt Hazzard!

Duke Nukem
Commander Keen
B.J. Blazkowicz

These names strike a tender chord with gamers of another time. A time of shareware and buying game really cheap at Radio Shack. A coming of age of video games, of these characters some when onto great things and some faded into obscurity. Some of these characters are forgotten and some will live forever.

Matt Hazard is not to be forgotten or taken lightly.

With a return to current consoles Matt Hazard is really to blow you to 8 bits with fire power, gusto and voice talent from Neil Patrick Harris. NPH, most recently seen on Intenets' Dr. Horrible, as the main protagonist.

Will Arnett is also lending his talents to the classic game series as well. Arnett, most recently seen in the hospital with his recently born son and that lady who is not Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live.

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Tara said...

And i always love me some arrested development alumni!!!