Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great Game Makers in History! Eric Chahi!

In 1991, Eric Chahi, created one of the most impressive games ever made, this game was called Another World. Another World had a different title in the United States, it was called Out Of This World, it was released on several platforms including PC, Mac and Amiga. What some might call a puzzle platformer, the game play was simple, yet challenging. The story was told only through the actions on the screen, there was no reading and this was a time before voice acting.

The intro sets up the game completley, you are a scientist, something happens and you disappear to this other place. A classic idea, and a truly classic game. It can be downloaded for 8.99 dollars from the developer himself.

In what looks like it could be an early grind core band album cover was the cover to 1987's Profanation. This is an earlier game by Eric Chahi. The game play screen shots are not as awesome as this picture, but this picture is awesome. Like porn movie covers; the girls on the covers never look as the video on the inside. Needless to say this is an intense picture.

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