Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is why Alan Moore hates you!

Hey the Watchmen movie is coming out! I am excited, despite the venom people have for Zack Snyder with his long music montages and brown colour palate. I am still excited! Really I am!

However. Episodic content downloadable Watchmen video games as prequels to the movie? This sounds not only hack but probably awful. Rorschach and Nite Owl in what are more than likely to be a glorified brawler game.

Nothing is special anymore. The Watchmen were on the cover of Entertainment Weekly last week, that is the opposite of what the Watchmen stand for. More people have only heard the name The Watchmen than have actually read the book.

My point is rather than cash in and make a "tie in movie video game prequel" why not just make a good game. Why does it all have to a part of the plan? The big picture? Why can't it just stand on its own. Why choose the easy way out? If the game announced was Rorschach point and click type detective mystery adventure, I would very excited, but it is not. There is something to be said about not writing down to your audience and hacky beat 'em ups are the most common denominator.

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The Nerdy Bird said...

Two words: viral marketing