Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Underpants! Lizardman! Star Wars stuff! Soul Caliber 4!

Right off the bat, Soul Caliber 4 is awesome. Really it is. Namco knows how to make a fighting game.

Game play is what you would expect, it is a 3D fighter so there is no need to be concerned with memorizing a large complex move lists like in Street Fighter. Button mashing can have devastating results on the computer opponent. The single player has normal and hard modes.

Namco is taking a page from the Dead or Alive series, giant bouncing boobs, and the ability to get most characters into their underpants. I tried to get Yoda into his underpants, you can't get Yoda into his Yoda underpants.

Yes Yoda is in this game, and like the Soul Calibers' before this, there are cameo guest fighters in the series. Apparently Darth Vader wants some sort of power that can only be achieved by going through some dimensional rift. He sends his apprentice who happens to be the main guy in the new Star Wars unleashed game to fight for him in the name of the Sith. Yoda on queue finds this troubling and needs to investigate this "disturbance in the Force." The stories might be paper thin, but the game play is solid as hell.

I got my ass handed to me in online play, maybe I was just having an off night. The single player unlockables with the character customization, really come into play with the online content. Create your own fighter, and bring him to the table. If you know me, I need nothing more than Lizardman

Virtual Fighter 5 sucked, a lot.
Dead or Alive 4 was great.
Soul Caliber 4 owns all, purchase at any price.

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