Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Xbox Experience! New Dashboard! Xbox is Stealing Thoughts and Ideas!

Well honestly it's about time Microsoft got back into the idea stealing game, I mean look at MS-DOS, and Windows. This new dashboard shows me a bit of technological competition and general faith in the video game industry again. Some say competition breeds contempt I say it breeds excellence.

With an obvious nod to the Wii avatar Mii, the Xbox 360 will also have a cute version of yourself. I like cute things. There will also be a party mode feature that will allow one person to setup a chat room and the ability to speak to a group of friends. Apparently this feature will also work in the sharing of pictures and video to other people.

In a move that will really make the Xbox 360 the home multimedia computer of the ages is the addition of Netflix rental service to your Xbox account. The same way you were able to rent a movie from Netflix and have it stream to your computer, you will now be able to do that through your Xbox 360.

Wow! That is pretty rad. I might have to re-up my Netflix account.

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