Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remember when Sonic was a game of running?

I am a Segavore. I like the Sega machines and the Sega style. I chuckle a little on the inside when Nintendo releases Sega titles, however sometimes, I cry a little too.

Coming soon to the Wii is Sonic and the Black Knight, where Sonic will have a sword and the Wiimote will be the vessel in which its damage is carried out. Call me crazy but why not make a game with these mechanics using another character, or perhaps a new character, one that is not an anamorph, or at least an animorph that used to be known for running and collecting rings.

I am not against change, I am against this horse corpse that is starting to smell like rot. The beginning of the end I suppose was a few years ago when Sega came out with Shadow the Hedgehog, a gun toting, more Hot Topic hedgehog.

All would be forgiven if Sega were releasing these games on there own system. Far be it for me to say what you do inside the your own home. But when you start to push this crap on the neighbors and expect me to care, please only ring my door bell when we have a little bit more of the running and jumping.


kraine said...

Apparently Sonic has a new worry: Silver Bullets.

Sonic Unleashed promises to bring all the speed and fury Sonic fans fell smitten with in 2-D in full 3-D with... (wait for it...) a TWIST!!! When night falls, envoking Altered Beast, Sonic transforms into a werewolf. Watch out Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman, this Werehog may not be able to dunk, but he can give Dhalsim a run for his money: his werewolf powers enable him to stretch his arms to beat-up his opponents. Eat your heart out Stretch Armstrong.

A few notes for SEGA:

1. Change your bong water.
2. Why don't you blow us all away with a new Sonic and go completely 2D
4. Dreamcast 2.0 (I can dream)

Ian!!! said...

Sonic SMOKED Ghost Rider! Yeah!