Sunday, July 6, 2008

WGA awards PSP game with first time ever Video Game Writing award.

I have never heard of this game, Dead Head Fred, by Vicious Cycle Software. I just asked my roommate if he knows anything about the game, "picked it up with my hand, but then put it down again," he said. I don't think this game was on most peoples watch lists.

Video games getting awards for writing, which is great. Not all programmers are writers and certainly no writer is a programmer. The one thing I wish is a game I played won an award, or one that I had some knowledge of.

There are some serious games that came out in the last year with some incredible stories. I am going to have to add Dead Head Fred to that list of games I need to check out. So if you have a PSP dust it off and see if you can find this used.

More information here.

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