Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Movie about a robot, or thinnly veiled attempt to unmine society as we know it?

Wall-E was great fun. I knew I was going to like this movie from the moment I saw the first teaser. I like robots, I like science fiction, I like spaceships. Check, check, check.

However not everyone feels this way.

I can't figure out which I dislike more, overly conservative thinking that makes Wall-E out to be“leftist propaganda about the evils of mankind,” or smarmy liberals getting all, "Good luck with the war, the crumbling economy, and getting those pasties on strippers." I get it, you don't agree, that's fine.

I saw this movie as a nice movie and probably the best rated G movie ever made. I thought of it as a return to quality family movies that we haven't had recently. Are we going to make another Shrek movie, with fading pop culture references, or or some other talking animorph with an all star cast of, gimme a fuckin break?.

In my own opinion this movie had a bit of a nod to Robert Heilein's, Orphans in the Sky. A long time crew of a floating biosphere with a forgotten mission. That just might be my ego talking, showing that I have read a book that is old and from the golden age of science fiction paperbacks.

I suggest we all sit back and relax, watch the movie for what it is. Besides E.T. was the first movie to have me distrust the government.


The Nerdy Bird said...


Tara said...

yeah it fucking ruled. good call.

Ian!!! said...

I will see this movie some day soon, and I will cry.

Alex said...

I just got home from seeing it, and let me tell you, I can't remember the last time I've seen such an amazing movie. I'm a 22 year old man, and I was choking back sobs for about 50% of the movie.

Laurie said...

WALL-E was amazing, and if there is anything to read into it is that we may very well be on a collision path with collape, and that maybe we can avoid it if conservative fucks would stop blaming liberals and instead maybe reflect a little...on their impact on the world, their world perspectives impact on the world, whether or not their hate positively or negatively effects their friends and family and just how much that Hummer, the urban assault vehicle, is needed to compensate for repressed sexual desire, creative stifling and all around ignorance and hate spewing. Thanks for the post!