Friday, June 20, 2008

Black Market Lego Weapons!

Need to outfit some of your minifigs with more a suited armament for doing maneuvers in Legoland? Be sure to stop by BrickArms for all of your high end weapons needs.

Will Chapman is psyched and these things are awesome. According to the site he started this out of a request from his son. Apparently the whole family designs the toys and trims the plastic. A family that Legos together stays together, cause they are Legos and they snap... together. It is a pun of some kind.

Nazis, complete with Nazi guns!

Colonial Marines, with space alien splattering assault rifles.

Even, Richard Dekkard from the Blade Runner, with that hand cannon he had.


1 comment:

chrisv25 said...

Where in the fuck do I get a Colonial Marine lego dood?!?!?!?

Also, say hello to my Christmas morning nerd joy orgasm inducer...

I take issue with them having a section of what appears to be the first Death Star hosting a scene from a lightsaber fight that happens on the second Death Star but, I can forgive it given the PURE AWESOMNESS of a 4000 peice Lego Toy.