Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Whips, Chicks, Chains, and Glyphs!

This fall just in time for the Season of the Witch, Konami is going to be releasing it's newest addition to the Castlevania series. Castlevanina: Order of Ecclesia. This is exciting, Castlevanina games are almost always satisfying, and they are really quite a lovely addition to any DS console.

Since creation of the benchmark game Castlevanina: Symphony of the Night, it is now an actual law to mention SotN when referring to any other Castlevanina game, new or old. So now that we have gotten that out of way we can get back to Order of Ecclesia.

In this newest game you take on the role of Shanoa who is fighting vampires, and monsters, and things that fly. I am guessing she will be related to the Belmont family who at this point have a Days of our Lives level of genealogy. Good for them, they are vampire hunters, I would assume it is like family business, much like a diner, or a hot dog truck.

Any way this game will have RPG elements and will take after the events of SoTN. The player will not only be confined to the castle; Order of Ecclesia will feature mountains, oceans, and forests. It will also include online play.

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thesinisterspecter said...

That crab's going to be a pain, I just know it.