Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rusty crap! Bad robot! Nothing to do with Lost!

Worst robots in media

D.A.R.Y.L (Data Anaylizing Robot Youth Lifeform)

I read the book when I was a kid and I saw the movie. The kid from Never Ending Story played pole position really well, and for some reason flew an SR-71 Blackbird into a lake.

Johnny 5

Golly gee! Johnny 5 is alive! Now lets all sing that horrible song, and wear a bandanna.

Astro Boy

He looks a kid. How many kids do you know that are cool?

V.I.C.I (Voice Input Child Identicant)

Again, kid bots are not cool. Also I would confuse this show with Out of This World, I don't like it when television confuses me.


Tara said...

Small Wonder RULED!! For a long time there was a rumor that billy corgan from the smashing pumpkins played the boy in it.

The Nerdy Bird said...

Small Wonder was amazing. I agree with Tara, obviously.