Monday, June 9, 2008

THQ Part 4: Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures by Rainbow Studios looks to be one of the more interesting Wii titles to date. I am not Wii bashing, as fun and clever as a Wii maybe, most of their games feel a bit on the light side of things. If you are looking for something unique to the video game genre, Deadly Creatures will deliver this autumn.

Deadly Creatures looks promising however the trailer gives this game no justice as compared to the game play. The story is "told" from the perspective of either a tarantula or a scorpion. Kind of like the Mister Mosquito game for PS2 but with out that Katamari level of cuteness.

Rainbow Studios takes what they know, which is an arid climate, and puts it into their games. Desert life will be represented in a much more realistic manner rather than a cartoony way. The main characters do not talk, because insects don't speak. The story is told from a variety of vantage points that the player will be able to see. A fly on the wall if you will. Humans in cut scenes and in the background will be discussing the main plot points of the story. I am looking forward most to this title.

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