Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Everyone wins! Indiana Jones!

Indiana Jones for the DS is awesome. It's fun and adorable and it fits in your pocket. Much like Lego minifigs themselves. The DS is fun and portable, I could be anywhere and have my little Lego friends with me. I feel that the DS version, though might not be as robust as the console version, has that, "child bringing his toy with him," feel. Not only are you bringing a game system with you, you are also bringing your collection of Lego dudes.

It is a Lego game, they figured out how to make fun. Break stuff, collect silver, gold and blue chips, buy new characters, call your friends over to the TV for cut scenes, repeat. This game is great on both systems, as expected the home consoles have better graphics and more content. However the DS has different levels and slightly different game play.

Despite the fact that the graphics are a little choppy the DS holds up strongly with game play and fluid motion. I would recommend this to any DS owner as a fun diversion.

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