Monday, June 23, 2008

Lets try not to have this game suck.

Spider-Man had a short run of awesome. The last few Spider-Man games were really bad and inexcusable. Much like that last movie. The past few Spider-Man games showed is that that sandbox games does not always make for great game. With great environment comes great responsibility.

At the New York Comic Con they had a huge booth showing off the new game, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. A big screen with really vague images and obvious cut scenes from the game played all day at the booth. They showed no game play at all. But they did free posters, I got one it is even autographed. Some Spanish guy, he was friendly. His name was not Jose. I will remember when I finally put up the pictures from the NYCC. The above picture is what he signed.

Nothing like listening to game creators talk about their games (every Bourne Supremacy game trailer), but if the game play is going to be this fluid, I am going to give it a shot, hopefully we will see a demo soon.

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Ian!!! said...

Marrying the swinging and the fighting is a fantastic idea. I just wish they'd shut their mouths and get programming.