Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What is best in life?

Age of Conan is the lastest MMORPG made by Funcom. I know very little about this game. I know that Turbonegro has a song on the soundtrack called, "Destroy All Monsters." I also know that some people have complained about certain graphical bugs in the game play. Other than that I am honestly clueless.

I have a standard opinion about MMORPG games; which is enough with games that have magic and bare feet. I like robots and laser guns, I am tired of fantasy based MMORPG games. However Funcom did make, and still make, a science fiction based MMORPG game called Anarchy Online, a game that I never played.

They did have Turbonegro play their release party, they must be doing something good. I suppose that is what happens when you have one of your corporate offices in Oslo Norway.

I suppose if you can make women lament and crush enemies, it might be worth it.

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