Friday, June 13, 2008

Hulk want new pants too!

Over the years how many Hulk games do you think there are? Six total, five of which were on console. Who knew?

The Hulk is awesome, he is big and green. I will see the new Incredible Hulk movie, but I really was more excited about the game once I saw some of the game play. I was able to speak with a Sega representative demoing the game, came right out and said, "We based the game play on Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, and stayed away from the previous movie tie-in, who the hell wants to be Banner?" It is a real easy statement to make that movie tie in games suck. However in recent times the game industry seems to be trying real hard to make the movie tie ins better. The Incredible Hulk is one of those games.

A sandbox brawler, with collecting elements.

Not every sandbox games needs to be a crime based game, or a "cop gone bad" game. The judgmental masses are not allowed to complain about the Hulk showing kids how to destroy things. We can only hope that the youth would be able to lift and throw cars.

This is an everyone game, anyone can pick it up, button mash and get some entertaining results. There is a certain amount of Tony Hawk finesse that seems to work to its advantage, making the controls and the movements more fluid. You get a real sense of mass and presence in the game.

Like other sandbox games it is easy to pass and play this game around a room of friends. With plenty of unlockable costumes, and an extensive move gallery Incredible Hulk will keep perfectionists busy for a long time.

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