Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh boy, Hellboy.

The Hellboy: The Science of Evil is not awesome.

However that doesn't mean it should not be considered if you are a fan. I have no problem with that kind of thinking.

Beat and repeat, that is your game play, enjoy.

The graphics are only ok. That doesn't really cut the mustard anymore. The God of War games are on PS2 and have more depth in the level design. Some reason there is an excessive amount of glowing green accents on the boards, they confuse me, so much so that I felt the need to make a note of it. I have a certain standard when looking critically at a game, and it is water effects. If you are going to make a game where the character can run through a puddle or splash around in water, you need to make the water look good. If you are not going to do water right, don't do it at all.

This game could have been made for the previous generation console. For some reason Hellboy seems to do that. Hellboy: Asylum Seeker was released for PS1 in 2003. Why would you allow that to happen?

The comics are great, the story and idea it self are great, but for some reason once it tries to venture into other forms of media all momentum is lost.

This game is not by any means a total loss, but in a time of crazy ninja game part 2, and wiggle, poke and shake your ass games, it would be nice if this game filled the void it is supposed to a little better. Granted there are unlockable characters, of which I have yet to unlock, and there is a co-op multilayer ability which is always a plus. I will though continue to play this game, but i know what is in store.

Buy this game, used, and well can play together online.

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