Friday, June 6, 2008

Plushees, now a DS game!

Plushees by Big John Games. A whimsical set of boring mini games that has nothing to do with the subversive fetish community. Aside from checking this game out to see if there might be some kind of "rapeplay" that could be done with the cute little anamorphs, there is not much here for the casual pervert. There is a multilayer component to the game. I can imagine what sort of multilayer activities could be played, then again I don't think this game is for my age group.

Game play is a bunch of uninteresting stylus based touch games. You win points which you can exchange for tickets to buy other characters; horses, pigs, pandas, unicorns, and one character known as Molly. Molly is the only human styled "plushee" a little doll, with a impish grin that winks at you every 6 seconds. It is a mildly suggestive wink, with a heavy does of creepy.

You know at the local swinger plushophile meeting there is a grab bag gift exchange. Someone is totally going to wrap this as a gift. I am willing to bet that more people have bought this game on account of the title being associated with a sexual fetish, rather than being bought for children who this is obviously made for. Sadly this game sucks even for children, unless you have some pedigree real soft child that wants to cry all the time. That might be a bit harsh. Out of my catholic guilt I have to say that I am sure there are some children that will love this game.


Nerdy Bird said...

Isn't that fetish "Furries" not Plushies?

Japanese Dude Girl said...

no furries are people that dress like stuffed animals and have sex with each other. plushies are people that have sex with stuffed animals.