Monday, June 9, 2008

THQ Part 1 Man visits hotel, plays games, eats sandwiches: Saints Row 2

So last Thursday, I got to go to the THQ holiday press junket. This was my first time at a real game industry event. So it was kind of exciting. I was with a friend who was properly invited I was his plus 1 if you will. However they did have my name written on a piece of paper, this is also the day I became a "freelance blogger," which is a low rung on the ladder of "fake writing career," but it is a start none the less. Enough of the child like wonder, let's get down to the nitty gritty, Saints Row 2, Destroy All Humans, Baja, and Deadly Creatures. These were the biggest stand outs at the showing.

Saints Row 2, has huge shoes to fill. I actually played the first Saints Row, and enjoyed it. The story was retarded and so were the characters, but that is not to say it wasn't satisfying by any means. Where GTA 4 seems to have gone down a more sarcastic road of realism and pop culture cynicism Saints Row is more like the Spike TV version of things. Good for them I suppose, Crackdown was fun, and who didn't like the Getaway series? Mercenaries, I loved Mercenaries!

They take some shots at the big guy and at themselves in this trailer, but I think it gets the message across.

If you noticed in the trailer they show everything that can't be done in GTA 4. flying planes, blowing up trains (which was possible in the first Saints Row, and not in GTA 4), character creation, airplanes, and what look to be some more rural areas. I asked if they still had character customization, and they do. The most fun part of Saints Row 2 was the ability to make characters look like your friends.

For one reason or another they got Gary Busey to do some short spots for Saints Row 2. Here is one on a sadly missed weapon from GTA 4.

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