Friday, June 20, 2008

One woman to control the Punisher

Did you know that the new Punisher movie is directed by a hot German female? I didn't until yesterday.

Before taking the directors chair of Marvels most hardened character, Lexi Alexander, she was a stunt woman and really into martial arts. Here she is pictured with the hobbit guy. I hope this movie is good.

Another famous female German director is Leni Riefenstahl. She is famous for directing what some call, "greatest propaganda movies in history." The more commonly known title is Triumph of the Will. Here is a picture with her and the producer of the film at some red carpet event.

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chrisv25 said...

The only comic I have ever read religiously is "The Walking Dead" so I am out of my element here but, is this franchise worthy of 3 different Hollywood attempts at starting a movie legacy?

If Ivan Drago couldn't launch it, who can, really?

Is there a way to disable the OCR shit for people who login to post?